Amateur Radio callsign G7SKW. Although not as active on the air these days I still enjoy Radio.

Back in the days before the internet (yes! there really was one...) I first became intrigued with the "Wireless" at my Grandparents where names such as Hilversum appeared on the "dial". Teenage years were spent with a Transistor Radio affixed to my ears trying to turn my head the right way to "pull in" the likes of Luxembourg on 208.

It was probably during conversion training to Telegraphist that I started to take a keener interest in ShortWave radio and Morse.

My first Amateur callsign was 2E1BRV and this was used in anger for the first time during the RAF Finningley's Amateur Radio Clubs Special Event station GB617SQN in 1993.

I am presently using a Yaesu FT-450 into a MFJ-1788X Magnetic Loop.

Have got as far as Australia with the setup so must be doing something right!

Picture of the Shack

Picture of the Mag Loop